What is InvestEU?

InvestEU exists to support sustainable investment, innovation and job creation across Europe, as well as to promote recovery, green growth, employment and well-being.

The €26.2bn InvestEU Fund will back a range of national and international Financial Institutions - including the EIF and the EIB - to in turn mobilise a wave of €372bn in available investment - complemented with expert advisory support and enhanced access to information.

We at the EIF are proud to be an InvestEU implementing partner and help deliver support to European entrepreneurs - as well as the ecosystems that support them.

In this online publication we provide an overview of the products on offer for Financial Intermediaries as well as information on how to apply.

Find out more about the purpose and overall objectives of InvestEU

Find out more about how our partners at the EIB are deploying InvestEU financing via investment projects and advisory services

How is the EIF involved?

As one of the EU's Implementing Partners under InvestEU, we are responsible for deploying €11bn (of the €26.2bn) to the Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) market that we serve. We will be doing this by providing debt and equity financing to eligible financial intermediaries across Europe, such as equity funds, debt funds, infrastructure funds banks, microfinance institutions, and more.

By partnering with these valuable ecosystem players, the €11bn InvestEU resources will be further mobilised and up to €145bn of financing will be available to individuals, entrepreneurs across Europe, over a vast range of sectors and via a wide range of different investment & financing solutions to best suit their needs.

By supporting this European ecosystem, we contribute back to the overarching EU goals to build-back better, build-back greener and build-back a more sustainable and inclusive Europe.

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