Signed Transactions and Mandates

The number and volume of transactions signed by the EIF in 2018 reflect our ongoing commitment to implementing financing for European SMEs. We are pleased with the record-breaking volumes in 2018; however our focus is as much about identifying market gaps for financing as it is about continuing to deploy stable volumes.

In 2018, the EIF signed transactions totalling EUR 10.1bn, compared with EUR 9.3bn in 2017, leveraging EUR 43.7bn of financing to support SMEs and mid-caps in Europe in 2018, compared with EUR 35.4bn of leveraged volumes in 2017.

Within this figure, the volume of equity transactions increased from EUR 3.3bn in 2017, leveraging EUR 15.7bn, to EUR 3.5bn in 2018, leveraging EUR 19bn. The volume of guarantees committed to financial intermediaries increased from EUR 5.9bn in 2017, leveraging 19bn, to EUR 6.5bn in 2018, leveraging EUR 23.9bn. Meanwhile, EUR 94.9m was signed for microfinance and social entrepreneurship in 2018, leveraging EUR 864.4m, compared with EUR 110m in 2017, leveraging EUR 684.5m.

At the end of 2018, EUR 131.2bn was approved under the EFSI SME Window, which corresponds to 159% of the total SME Window target of EUR 82.5bn.

Equity Signatures
as at December 2018

Guarantee Signatures
as at December 2018

Inclusive Finance Signatures
as at December 2018

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