Breaking it down

In 2019, the EIF increased the volume of signed transactions to EUR 10.2bn, compared with EUR 10.1bn in 2018. However, the leverage generated saw a far bigger increase in 2019, leveraging EUR 58.9bn of financing to support SMEs and mid-caps in Europe, compared with EUR 43.7bn of leveraged volumes in 2018.

Within this figure, the volume of equity transactions decreased from EUR 3.5bn in 2018 to EUR 3.4bn, but these investments generated a higher leverage; increasing from a leverage of EUR 19bn in 2018 to EUR 27.4bn in 2019.

The volume of guarantees committed to financial intermediaries increased from EUR 6.5bn in 2018 to EUR 6.7bn in 2019, while leverage also increased, from EUR 23.9bn in 2018 to EUR 30.5bn in 2019. At the end of 2019, expected mobilised investments of EUR 186.3bn were approved under the EFSI SME Window, which corresponds to 118% of the total SME Window target of EUR 157.5bn.

Equity Signatures as at December 2019

Guarantee Signatures as at December 2019

Inclusive Finance Signatures as at December 2019

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