We are continuously evolving our product offer to improve access to finance for micro business owners, vulnerable groups looking to start a business and entrepreneurs with a mission to tackle social issues whilst generating a return. We partner with various financial intermediaries to make this happen including specialist impact funds, micro finance institutions and other social finance providers.


We make cornerstone investments in impact funds, as well as co-investments with accelerators and incubators.

Fully deployed • Improving the fundraising environment for social impact funds

Improving the fundraising environment for social impact funds

Finance to prefund social interventions

Providing investments in and alongside investors who support social entrepreneurs just starting out

Improving the availability of finance for social finance intermediaries in Italy


We guarantee micro and social loan portfolios providing capital relief and loss protection and enabling intermediaries to increase lending at better terms.

Sharing risk to help our intermediaries increase lending capacity at improved terms for social and micro entrepreneurs


We provide liquidity primarily in the form of debt to help selected intermediaries develop their businesses and enhance their capacity to lend to social and micro enterprises.

Supporting the operational development and capacity of selected finance providers through debt and seed financing


Increasing lending capacity of selected finance providers through senior and subordinated loans

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