Overview of EIF mandates deployed in Finland

The EIF has deployed capital in Finland under a wide range of programmes and mandates. Here you can find a brief description of each.


The European Fund for Strategic Investments forms part of the Investment Plan for Europe.
EFSI addresses market gaps in financing - whether in infrastructure, research, energy efficiency or risk finance for SMEs – and mobilises private investment into these areas. The EUR 10.5bn EFSI SME Window is implemented by the EIF on behalf of the EIB Group, and deploys the resources of the European Commission, the EIB and the EIF to improve access to finance for SMEs and small midcaps.


The European programme to promote competitiveness, under which the EIF is responsible for guaranteeing loans (COSME Loan Guarantee Facility, or LGF) and for making equity investments (COSME Equity Facility for Growth, or EFG). The programme addresses the financing needs of SMEs that are perceived as risky, perhaps due to their start-up nature, their business model or their lack of collateral.


An EU initiative to finance innovation in Europe. The EIF deploys capital under InnovFin, either through providing guarantees to financial institutions that will provide loans to innovative companies (InnovFin SME Guarantee, or SMEG), or through making equity investments and co- investments, to, or alongside, funds focusing on innovative companies in their pre-seed, seed and start-up phases (InnovFin Equity). InnovFin SMEG and InnovFin Equity also form part of the EFSI SME Window.


An EU programme for unemployment and social innovation. Under EaSI the EIF guarantees loans for microfinance and social entrepreneurship (EaSI Guarantee Instrument), as well as investing in financial intermediaries that operate in this space (EaSI Capacity Building Investments Window).
These partners can go on to act as EaSI financial intermediaries.

The SME Initiative

This programme to stimulate SME financing in Europe deploys funds from the EU, the EIB Group, and participating Member States. The EIF implements the initiative (SMEi) via guarantees
and securitisation. Through these financial instruments, the EIF provides financial intermediaries with partial risk cover on loans to SMEs.

The European Angels Fund

An initiative advised by EIF which provides equity to Business Angels and other non-institutional investors for the financing of innovative companies in the form of co-investments. EAF works hand in hand with Business Angels and helps them to increase their investment capacity by co-investing into innovative companies in the seed, early or growth stage. The activity of EAF is adapted to the Business Angels’ investment style by granting the highest degree of freedom in terms of decision-making and management of investments.

Social Impact Accelerator

The EIF’s equity instrument in the social sector. Through SIA, the EIF takes cornerstone equity investments in social funds, which, in turn, invest to build successful social enterprises. Under SIA, a social enterprise must deliver on social impact metrics as
well as financial metrics.


The Risk Capital Resources mandate, or RCR, is a mandate

managed by the EIF on behalf of the EIB. It focuses on equity

activity, such as early stage (venture capital and technology

transfer) investments, growth and lower mid-market activities.


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