The future

The EIF has deployed many instruments across the country and has seen the impact EU funding has had, both in improving access to finance for SMEs but also more broadly in fostering growth and innovation within the small business ecosystem.

This does not mean that our work stops here. We are developing many exciting avenues for further collaboration in Romania, especially under the new generation European Structural and Investment Funds. For example, the EIF recently launched its first agricultural mandate in the country, targeted to improve access to finance for farmers.

The EIF also remains invested in areas needing further development and targeted resources, especially in the sphere of equity and venture capital financing. This is why new fund-of-funds have been launched to foster growth of the equity ecosystem, both for start-up and growth stage SMEs.

Last, but by no means least, owing to the success of the SME initiative, an extension of the instrument was finalised among the partners. This additional funding will ensure continued support, as well as fresh financing, for Romanian SMEs, which constitute the backbone of the national economy.

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