InvestEU Equity Product

For equity and private debt funds

The EIF has over 25 years experience in addressing SME financing gaps via investments in venture capital, private equity and private credit funds – and has made over €35bn in commitments in the equity space to date.

As an InvestEU Implementing Partner, we are charged with deploying a further €6.5bn to the market, with various policy priorities at the forefront of our investment strategy.


Under InvestEU Equity, the EIF will provide equity investments and co-investments to, or alongside, funds in the areas of venture capital, private equity and private credit, that pursue generalist, specialised or mixed investment strategies.

Investments supported by InvestEU Equity aim to support the following areas:

Thematic Strategies

The scope of InvestEU Equity covers several specific sectors of activity, grouped into Thematic Strategies.

A financial intermediary applying to InvestEU Equity will therefore be expected to address in their investment strategy one or more of the following Thematic Strategies. Under each one of these there also exist a set of underlying Target Areas.

Click on each area to discover them in more depth.

Horizontal Priorities

InvestEU is also seeking to boost investments into a variety of Horizontal Priorities - with a view to address gaps in the financing ecosystem. A Financial Intermediary therefore also has the option to flag their investment strategy as addressing one or more of the below Horizontal Priority areas.

The extent to which an applicant's strategy aligns with these Horizontal Priorities may determine the policy fit of their assessment and, therefore also the EIF investment.

Click on each one of these to find out more:

To actively encourage female participation and representation at fund level

To boost investments into Moderate or Emerging Innovator Countries

To improve the fund-level support to companies pre/IPO and post IPO stages

To help convert R&D, skills & knowledge into commercial applications, products, processes - as well as to help apply existing technologies in new areas

To promote systemtatic co-investments with European business angels

Application Types

As there are various types of investment options built into the InvestEU Equity Product, it will be important to understand and indicate your application type to match your investment strategy. Use the following diagram to help you.

For a complete list of all terms, conditions and criteria, please refer to the Termsheets and related Addendums (where applicable) included within the Call for Expression of Interest documentation available on our website.

Don't forget to check out our InvestEU How to Apply section for more information on how this whole process works.

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